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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


General Booking Notes


  1. Four Course gourmet dining £45 per person (if booked 24 hrs before arrival only £35 pp).
  2. Use of a Z bed (children only) or an extra bed is charged at £30 per child (3 to 11 yrs) and £50 per adult on a B&B basis.
  3. Dogs are £25 each on our DDB&B Tariff (Doggie dinner bed & breakfast). Reduce by £5 if bringing own food)
  4. Single occupancy discount is £25 per room for DB&B, or £40 per room for B&B Available in Bijou or Classic Collection rooms only, subject to availability.
  5. Bank Holiday bookings are available for Friday and Saturday or Sunday and Monday only (not Sat and Sun).
  6. Christmas & New Year can only be booked on our special 3 day break package see festive section on our website.
  7. The Retreat may only be booked for a Two night minimum stay


Standard Room Booking Terms & Conditions


1. Making a booking, Deposits and Payments

a. All rooms at Broadoaks are released for booking on a rolling 90 day basis eg from the day that you speak to us you may book a room anytime subject to availability within the next 90 days.
b. A Maximum of 8 rooms for a single group may be booked at any one time. If more rooms are needed then you will need to speak to our events team about an exclusive hire booking.
c. We will ask you for a non-refundable deposit of £75.00 to secure each individual room reservation; the remainder is charged to your account and is due for payment on check out.
d. The credit or debit card that you use MUST be registered to the address that you give to us when you book.
e. We do not accept cheques; all payments made by BACS must be cleared prior to arrival or departure.

2. Cancellation Policy

a. When you make a reservation it is a contract in law, we appreciate that things sometimes do change so we would urge you to take out travel insurance so that in the event of a cancellation out of your control then you are covered.
b. To book a room we will ask you for a £75 deposit. All deposits are non-refundable but we will allow you to transfer the booking provided you give us 14 days’ notice.
c. You may transfer your booking to another date within 90 days of your original booking providing you have given us 14 days’ notice. You may be asked to pay the difference in the booking value if you have moved to a higher priced season or room type.
d. Bookings cancelled within 14 days of arrival will be charged the FULL stay value including food and any pre agreed extras booked. We will do our very best to resell the room within the 14 days. If we do than we will refund your credit card with the amount we receive less 25% of the value of your total booking to cover administration costs (and to cover any commissions we may have paid to booking agents).
e. If you have booked a room using a discounted 3rd party voucher purchased from another company eg groupon , travelzoo, wowcher etc then the date may be moved “once“ to another date within the allocated date range stated on the voucher providing we get 14 days notice . If we get less than 14 days notice then the voucher will be lost .

3. Check in and Check out

a. Check in is guaranteed from 3pm on the day of arrival, if you do need an earlier check in time please just call us in advance, we will try our very best to accommodate your request . Check out is generally 11am on the day of departure, if you find our beds so comfortable that you just can’t get up, then subject to availability we might be able to give you a little more time.

4. Single Occupancy

a. We are pleased to offer the rooms from our Bijou collection for single occupancy, see our tariff for details of discount available .If other rooms are available on the day of arrival then you will be invited to upgrade if you so wish.

5. Children and Extra Adults

a. We do not charge for children aged 3 years and under providing they don’t eat cooked full breakfasts!
b. All other children (3yrs to 11yrs) will be charged at £30.00 B&B.
c. Extra Adults staying in designated rooms will be charged at £50 B&B.
d. The above rates assume that 2 other adults will be sharing the same room with their extra guests. Not all of our rooms are suitable for accommodating extra guests so please ask us at the time of booking.
e. Children are allowed in our Oaks restaurant providing they are seated and not making a noise disturbing other guests

6. VAT

a. We reserve the right to increase prices by the relevant amount if VAT is increased on or before arrival date. Rates currently are 20% VAT inclusive.

7. Payment Methods

a. We welcome cash, and all major credit Cards except AMEX.

b. Credit Card charges :
Debit cards – Zero charge
Credit cards – 1.5% if your bill is over £800

8. Smoking

a. We are a STRICT NON SMOKING HOUSE; smoking is permitted on our outside terraces and gardens only. We also respectfully ask that you and your guests please use the ashtrays provided. The minimum charge for non-compliance is £150 per guest room.

9. Spoilage and Damage to Rooms & Furniture

i. Specialist deep cleaning or re decoration to walls : If any extra intensive cleaning is required over and above normal usage after you or your guests have departed ( this includes 3rd party companies hired to provide a service for you ) , you shall be liable for the cost of the extra cleaning that may be required . Charges will only be levied in the event that it takes our team of cleaners any extra time and/or effort to clean the room. We will automatically take £250 from your damage deposit until all work has been completed. If part of the room needs to be re decorated due to damage to the walls then we will take £1,000 . When the work has been done we will give you a copy of the final bill for your records.
ii. Carpets : If a carpet is soiled or damaged to the point that it needs to be replaced , then you will be responsible for the entire replacement cost to include fitting . We will automatically take £1,000 from your damage deposit until the replacement carpet has been fitted .When the work has been done we will give you a copy of the final bill for your records.
iii. Repairs or replacements to furniture or other house items: Will be charged for at a labour rate of £35 per hour plus materials. We will automatically take £250 from your damage deposit until all work has been completed. We reserve the right to hold a higher amount if needed. When the work has been done we will give you a copy of the final bill for your records.
iv. Mattress Spoilage: Our standard minimum charge for Mattress Spoilage is £150 . If the Spoilage is severe and the mattress needs to be replaced then we will take the entire £1,000 until a replacement mattress has been purchased . We will replace the mattress with the same quality and type that was on the bed. When the mattress has been replaced we will give you a copy of the final bill for your records.
Note : We use commercial quality mattresses .
v. Loss of room or revenue
If a room or use of the entire House at Broadoaks needs to be kept out of service due to any reason including any of the above items , you will be charged the full DB&B rate per our standard tariff for the room until the room can be opened again for use .

b. Notes : If you or your guests have already left our premises before our housekeeping team discover any of the above damages, we will inform you by email along with the provision of any time stamped photographs . All damage payments due will also be listed. Any damage payments due will be taken at 5pm on the same day . We will happily take the payment from the guest that caused the damage providing it is paid prior to 5pm .

10. Loss of Room Revenue

a. Broadoaks reserves the right to charge full room std B& B tariff should we not be able to resell a guest room after your stay due to the following reasons:
b. Smoking in any of our guest bedrooms.
c. Breakages rendering the room incomplete to resell to another guest.
d. Specialist room cleaning including carpet shampooing.
e. Soiled beds or furnishings

11. Non Broadoaks Food & Drink

a. We do not permit customers to consume their own alcohol in any of our public rooms or grounds, unless it has been specifically agreed in advance.
b. If any Alcohol other than Alcohol purchased at Broadoaks is found within these areas we reserve the right to charge the main bill the following corkage charges :
c. 1ltr/750mL bottle of spirit £75 each
d. Bottles or cans of beer £5 each
e. Bottles or boxes of wine £25 each
f. Mini bottles of alcohol £3.50 each (50ml)
g. As licensees we have a duty of care to provide alcohol to our guests that is under our control. We thank you for your understanding in this sometimes difficult matter.


VIPOOCHES: House Etiquette

We are all (and especially Flo, the house Cavapoo) delighted to welcome you and your pet as our guests at Broadoaks Country House. We want you to really enjoy your stay.  We’re always aiming for a 5 Wags Rating, so, to help, we have outlined a few simple guidelines to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet, and make sure that you, and our other guests, get the best from Broadoaks:

  • Dogs are charged at £25 DDBB (Doggie Dinner Bed & Breakfast) per night. The price is reduced by £5 per night if you are bringing your own pet food. However Flo strongly recommends the DDBB package.
  • We welcome well behaved dogs in the following guest rooms:
    • The Boudoir, our 3 Garden Suites and The Retreat.
  • Dogs on short leads are permitted in the following areas: The Front Bar, our Music Room, all main front grounds and outside terraces.

So, the details. The Hotel will accommodate your dog in the room specified when booked provided that he or she is more than 12 months old, weighs less than 30kg and is fully house trained.  We can accommodate up to two pets per dog-friendly room.

We ask that you agree to restrain your pet appropriately. It is your responsibility to ensure that your pet complies with local Cumbrian legislation requirements as defined in DEFRA Animal Welfare Policy (Control of Dogs). Local farmers will shoot any dog if it frightens the local sheep in any way, so please, please be very careful.

In order to comply with Health & Safety legislation and our own Hotel food hygiene risk assessment pets are NOT permitted in the following areas:

  • Our Oaks Restaurant
  • Our Orangery

Special Note:  Our small front bar has one table that can be booked for two adults and a dog . We regret that this table can only be confirmed on the actual day and is only available if we have less than 50% occupancy at the hotel.

  • We would strongly recommend that you don’t leave your dog in our bedrooms unattended unless you know he or she won’t fret. We know that dogs can sometimes scratch or chew if stressed. Replacement furniture – especially our beds – are not cheap. You may like to be doubly sure and leave your dog in one of our 4 paws kennel suites (they’re just behind the house) while you dine. They are available on a first come first serve basis, there’s no charge.
  • We do offer a pet sitting service, but ideally need 24 hours’ notice. The charge is £10 per hour paid directly to the sitter. Please discuss with reception.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet on Hotel property and in the neighbourhood, please use the poop bins that you will see around the grounds.
  • Any disturbances such as barking must be curtailed to ensure other guests are not inconvenienced.
  • You are responsible for any property damage and personal injuries resulting from your pet. You must agree to indemnify and hold the hotel, its owners and its operators free from all liability and damage suffered as a result of your pet.
  • On check in we will require a doggie damage deposit of £250 to be held on your debit card, this amount will be posted to your hotel folio, as a pet security deposit, and refunded or credited to your account following a room inspection upon departure.
  • Any damage found after your departure will be photographed, date stamped and emailed to you within 24 hours of your departure. Spoilage and damage charges will be applied to your account per clause 10 of our standard hotel terms and conditions that can be found on our web site. The amount will be taken from the damage deposit held, if this is not sufficient then you will be sent an invoice for the remaining amount. The amount should be paid within seven days of your departure.


Exclusive Hire Terms & Conditions


Terms and conditions for our exclusive hire packages are sent out individually with each booking. Please contact a member of our events team if you would like to see a copy.


Seasonal Terms & Conditions


Christmas and New Year Breaks Booking Terms and Conditions

Christmas Party Nights Booking Terms and Conditions

Broadoaks Direct Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions


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